How Much Does a New Metal Roof Cost in Northern Virginia?

Apr 7, 2023 | Blog, Costs, Metal Roof, Northern Virginia

Metals roofs are amazing when it comes to withstanding heavy winds, hail, and rain. The strength of a metal roof is much superior to an asphalt shingle roof. Metal roofing lasts a long time, requires minimal maintenance, and helps to save on energy costs. 

Has the time come for you to consider a new roofing system for your home? There are so many options to choose from, as mentioned above. It can be a daunting consideration! Metal roofing has some fantastic benefits and the quality is superior. 

What would a new metal roof in Northern Virginia cost me? The average cost would be approximately $30,000. Of course, this number is for an average home. Perhaps your home is larger or smaller than the average. For an accurate cost, speak with Impact Roofing & Construction. We are a local, customer-focused organization that strives to deliver quality in every aspect of our services. We are an experienced team of roofing contractors and offer personalized customer service that you can rely on every time. 

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What types of roofs do we install? 

Aluminum Roofing

This material is lightweight, durable, and can be shaped to fit any design on your roof. This material also has a reflective property making it an energy-efficient option. Aluminum is ideal for the Northern Virginia area because it can withstand the elements common in this region, such as heavy snowfall or high winds. Did you know there are recyclable options for aluminum? This will assist in keeping old materials out of the landfill.  Consider aluminum if you desire an affordable metal roof for your home. 

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Are you intrigued by a unique look to your home’s roof, without being too obvious? The standing seam has an aesthetic appeal because the seams stand higher than the rest of the roof. This creates an attractive look while adding visual interest to the building. Metal roofing materials won’t crack, warp, or rot which offers an excellent benefit!

Steel Roofing

On average, a steel roof can last up to 50 years making this a wise investment option. Steel is appealing to the homeowner because it comes in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. Like other metal options, steel is energy efficient, recyclable, lightweight, durable, and fire resistant. 

Copper Roofing

What a great product copper roofing is! This material is highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. It can last up to 75 years when properly maintained. Copper is also one of the most fireproof materials available, is highly resistant to thermal changes, and doesn’t deteriorate quickly.

How do you know if it’s time to replace your current roofing system and lean toward metal roofing? 

  • AgeEach roofing system does have a lifespan and if yours is nearing the completion of its life, then consider the benefits of metal roofing. It could be the last roof you have installed!
  • Daylight Shining ThroughGo to the attic of your home and look around. Do you see daylight? If so, then the damage has occurred not only through the roofing material but also through the underlayment material.
  • Damaged FlashingFlashing is a thin metal used to help waterproof the perimeter and areas of roofing systems not covered by metal sheets. Typically flashing can be found around chimneys, skylights, and vents. It is necessary to keep your roof watertight and fully sealed. If damaged, the flashing will need repairs.
  • Rusted FastenersFasteners hold the metal panels together on a roof. This method allows the metal to expand and contract naturally. If damaged by excessive water, they will need to be replaced.
  • Damage to the Finish of the PanelsAny scratches, damages, and dents caused by branches, twigs, or debris can shorten the lifespan of roofing material. Ensure to conduct a thorough inspection of your roof for any possible damage, especially after severe storms, to avoid overlooking any necessary storm damage repair.

If you have concerns or questions, contact Impact Roofing & Construction for advice or a free inspection. We are dedicated to helping our customers install high-quality roofs that will last for years. We are here when you need us!

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Impact Roofing & Construction is dedicated to helping our customers install high-quality roofs that will last for years. Whether your roof is old or damaged by a storm, our team can help you install a brand-new roof that you will love! We will guide you through every step, answering your questions and addressing your concerns whenever they arise.

We get it—roofers have a bad reputation. That’s why Impact Roofing & Construction strives to be a different type of roofing company, one that is always here when you need us most. We can even help you navigate your next insurance claim. As locals in the area, we are committed to serving our community with exceptional service.

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