7 Reasons You Should Always Hire a Local Company for Your Roofing Needs in Arlington

Dec 13, 2023 | Arlington, Blog, Local Roofing Company, Local Roofing Contractor


Waking up to a leak in your roof, or shingles in your front yard, is not anyone’s idea of a good day. Nonetheless, the unexpected happens and homeowners have to come up with a game plan. Should I try and fix it myself or should I hire a professional? Do I hire someone locally or get a larger company a few cities over? Here are 7 reasons why you should hire someone local, like Impact Roofing & Construction, for your roofing needs in Arlington, VA, and the surrounding areas. 

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Local Roofing Contractors…

1- Know Local Weather Patterns

One of the main reasons you should hire a local company, like Impact Roofing & Construction, is because they know your area’s weather patterns. They will be able to pinpoint specific problem areas, as well as help guide you in making wise design and functionality decisions based on your situation.

2- Know Manufacturers & Local Suppliers

A trustworthy contractor will know other trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers in your area. They may even be able to get materials at a cheaper price because of their working relationships and networking with other companies.

3- Have More Control Over Who Gets, And Remains, Employed

At a large contracting company, like with any company, laborers may be able to get away with not doing their best work. With smaller, local companies, like Impact Roofing & Construction, lazy laborers don’t stick around for long. We are on the ground, making sure you are getting the quality work done that we expect and that you deserve. 

4- Work To Preserve Reputation

When dealing with small, local companies, you are working with people who need their reputation to make a living. There is no corporate to fall back on if you let bad work represent you for long. 

5- Beneficial To Community

Nothing will turn a community around quicker than small, local businesses being supported by their residents. When you buy locally, you are putting money in the pockets of local families. You are allowing local families to put that money back into play at other local businesses and putting food on their tables.

local roofing contractor in Arlington

6- Easier To Contact

If you are tired of waiting on a callback, or the fact that you don’t know if the “person” you are talking to is real, you would be in good company. Many people find themselves in an endless round of phone tag, email threads, or dial-by-name directories when contacting larger corporations and companies. Get the personalized help you need when dealing with something as important as your home’s first line of defense against the elements. 

7- Compliance With Local Standards

A local roofing company, like Impact Roofing & Solutions, will know what your home needs, but also any local standards and building codes and regulations, which could save you a lot of time, energy, and money down the road. 

Local Is Best! Contact Impact Roofing & Construction Today!

There are other reasons why contracting a local roofing company is in your best interest, but we hope you see, just with this starter list, how important it is to shop local when you can. At Impact Roofing & Construction, we are here to help you, even if that means coming out for an inspection, taking pictures of your roof, and then telling you your roof looks fine and doesn’t need any work. We want to make sure your hard-earned money is put to good use. Call us for a free inspection today!

Hire a Roofing Crew You Can Trust

Impact Roofing & Construction is dedicated to helping our customers install high-quality roofs that will last for years. Whether your roof is old or damaged by a storm, our team can help you install a brand-new roof that you will love! We will guide you through every step, answering your questions and addressing your concerns whenever they arise.

We get it—roofers have a bad reputation. That’s why Impact Roofing & Construction strives to be a different type of roofing company, one that is always here when you need us most. We can even help you navigate your next insurance claim. As locals in the area, we are committed to serving our community with exceptional service.

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