Gutter Replacements: How to Tell When It’s time to Get New Gutters

Oct 7, 2023 | Blog, Gutter Damage, New Gutter Installation, Northern Virginia

Are you wondering if it’s time to have a gutter replacement installed? Gutters play a vital part in funneling rainwater away from your roof and home’s foundation. Ensuring that your gutter system is working properly and correctly installed will help prevent water damage to your home. If your gutters aren’t working correctly, you can run into issues such as water pooling, rot, leaking, and the structural integrity of your home becoming compromised. 

So, how do you know that it’s time to have new gutters installed? In this article, we’ll discuss 3 ways to know that it’s time to get new gutters, tips on how to maintain your gutters, and more information about the gutter services that Impact Roofing & Construction offers.

new gutter installation, gutter damage, Northern Virginia

Old Gutters

One of the first ways to know that it’s probably time to replace your gutters is that your current gutters are old and worn out. Typically, aluminum gutters will last at least 20 years in Northern Virginia if they are regularly maintained and properly installed. Over time, general wear and tear on your gutters will cause them to deteriorate and they won’t be able to work as well. If your gutters are nearing that timeframe, it’s a good idea to have a gutter professional come and inspect your gutter system to make sure everything is working the way it should.

Gutter Damage 

Another way to know that it’s time for a gutter replacement is visible gutter damage. Northern Virginia experiences harsh weather in the form of intense winds or hail storms and this can cause storm damage to your gutter system. The storm damage can range from ice damage such as cracks and holes to issues with rust. These issues must be addressed in order for your gutter system to effectively channel water away from your home.

Clogged Gutters & Water Overflow

Sometimes your gutters will get clogged from debris such as leaves, twigs, granules from asphalt shingles, and pine needles. However, if you’re noticing that your gutters are continuously getting clogged and then overflowing, then this is a sign that your gutters may need to be replaced. If your gutters are overflowing, this can cause structural issues to the foundation of your home. 

Tips for Northern Virginia Gutters

Maintenance & Regular Inspections

An important step in maintaining your gutters is ensuring that they are regularly cleaned and inspected. These regular check-ins will help you proactively stay on top of the condition of your gutters and address any issues before they get worse. The best time to clean your gutters is right before or after the fall season when most of the leaves have already fallen off of the trees. This will help ensure that your gutters remain unclogged.

gutter replacement, gutter damage, Northern Virginia

Gutter Guards: An Extra Layer of Protection 

Gutter guards are an extra level of protection for your gutter and help prevent things from getting stuck in your gutter system. Ultimately, gutter guards help reduce clogged and overflowing gutters, cut down on the amount of cleaning your gutters will need, and help your gutter system last longer.  

Proper Gutter Installation: Why Choose Impact Roofing & Construction?

Northern Virginia experiences harsh weather such as tornadoes, hail storms, intense winds, and rain. It’s important that your gutter system can effectively protect your home from water damage. Impact Roofing & Construction has been serving the Northern Virginia area since 2017. At Impact Roofing & Construction, we’ve built a company on honesty and have an experienced and personable team. Our goal is to offer high-quality workmanship and create authentic relationships within our community. 

As a local business, we have experience dealing with the Northern Virginia weather and have found the best two gutter systems for the local climate:

Seamless Gutters 

  • The most popular type of gutters for Northern Virginia residents 
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Custom-made to your home’s dimensions
  • Seamless design reduces leaks
  • Sleek appearance and efficient rainwater drainage 

K-Style Gutters

  • Durable and can withstand a lot of rain
  • Decorative design with a shape that resembles crown molding
  • Less prone to leaking 

In addition to installing gutters and gutter guards, we offer a variety of other services that include:

Free gutter cleaning on a roof replacement 

Asphalt Shingle roofing 

Metal roofing

Synthetic Slate roofing

Cedar Shake roofing

Siding installation services

New window installation

Get in touch with us today to get more information about having a new gutter installation or to receive a free inspection! 

Hire a Roofing Crew You Can Trust

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We get it—roofers have a bad reputation. That’s why Impact Roofing & Construction strives to be a different type of roofing company, one that is always here when you need us most. We can even help you navigate your next insurance claim. As locals in the area, we are committed to serving our community with exceptional service.

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